The Thorndyke Group

...a Human capital consultancy specializing in
individual and organizational effectiveness.

Our Philosophy

 "...At The Thorndyke Group, we strongly uphold the notion that continuous growth and advancement of its leaders form the cornerstone of achieving business success. We firmly recognize the significance of nurturing and enhancing both personal and professional abilities, which we refer to as Whole-Person Planning™. This holistic approach to development stands as a pivotal factor in ensuring lasting organizational effectiveness over time."  

"The Thorndyke Group was instrumental in the development of our leadership team. Effective communication and relationships can be difficult in business, but it's even more difficult to find a specialist with the right expertise to help improve those issues."
-Sharon Kratochvil
Director, Human Resources
Air Culinaire Worldwide

Our Services


Business Consulting

Expertise in a wide array of business elements, including leadership development, operational effectiveness, human resources, and human capital management.


Executive Coaching

Learn about our Whole-Person Planning™ approach to individual and organizational development, and enlist the knowledge of a professional Executive Coach.


Keynote Speaker / Workshops

Change mindsets and effect culture to achieve goals, enhance performance, and build strong professional and interdepartmental  relationships. 

Innovative Tools

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, embracing a fresh and innovative mindset becomes paramount. At The Thorndyke Group, we leverage cutting-edge techniques of personal and professional development, empowering our clients to foster novel ideas and imaginative solutions that effectively address their most critical challenges. By embracing innovation, we enable our clients to navigate the dynamic business environment with agility and achieve optimal outcomes.

Whole-Person Planning

In today's complex landscape, excelling at your professional role is merely one piece of the puzzle. Numerous other factors come into play, significantly impacting the overall success of both individuals and organizations. It is crucial to focus on self-improvement, understanding that being adept at your own personal growth is equally vital. Discover the transformative power of our Whole-Person Planning™ approach, which encompasses individual and organizational effectiveness, enabling you to unlock your full potential and propel both personal and collective achievements to new heights.

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